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Home » Visiting Speaker Sunday August 13th 2023 at 6.30pm

Visiting Speaker Sunday August 13th 2023 at 6.30pm

    Mark Hemans

    Pastor Mark Hemans – Jesus Encounter Ministries

    Saved at the age of 10 Mark Hemans realised the personal connection with God as his loving Father. Then in his teenage years, was delivered from a generational curse, was baptised in the Holy Spirit, healed from partial deafness, and called to pastoral work. Mark’s preaching emphasizes Jesus Christ’s present reality, the power of God’s Word, and practical application; his passion and heart’s desire is to glorify God, leading people to have a profound encounter with Jesus.

    Encounter Ministries began with a dream in 2004, leading to global ministry and witnessing miracles, conversions, deliverance and supernatural signs and wonders. 

    We look forward to welcoming Mark Hemans for an evening of impartation on Sunday 13th August at 6.30pm, you are very welcome to join us.