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Guest Speaker Sunday 23rd July 2023

    Guest Speaker Tracee Loosle

    Tracee Anne Loosle – Transformation Specialist

    Tracee Anne Loosle, a Lovelutionary, exemplifies LOVE walking with an intrepid heart. As an overcomer and transformation specialist, she guides others, instilling bravery and resilience, as they pursue their destinies passionately with God. She is a powerful author and poet, using creative expressions to inspire restoration and reformation.

    Having dedicated decades to pioneering God’s heart, her mission is to Heal, Encourage, Awaken, and Love the precious Bride of Christ, fostering deeper relationships with Heavenly Father for both people and places. Alongside her husband Randy, she embraces the joyous journey of life.

    We look forward to welcoming Tracee Loosle who will be speaking on Sunday 23rd July at 6.30pm, you are very welcome to join us!